restroom armory
A collection of meanderings from Adam Jacono
restroom armory
untitled on Flickr.
portrait of john, 2013 on Flickr.
An effort to simultaneously obstruct and reflect the landscape, viewing west on Flickr.
Unknown fall plant wrapped in Tough Mudder give aways on Flickr.
untitled on Flickr.self destruct
double nuke and river on Flickr.
property line on Flickr.
good yard art miniature on Flickr.
mask on gradient on Flickr.
The Whole Year, 2013 on Flickr.
parlor style with reclaimed wood frames on Flickr.
Blowin’ Up Barf Beach on Flickr.
Adam Jacono, 2012
For the My Apocalypse exhibition in Rochester, NY last year on Flickr.Vows music and